After Eights Time for you guys to leave
Asics Speed over looks
Build-a-Bear Play God
Clinton’s Cards Reputation management
Daily Mail Go on, have a peek
Dairylea Lunchables My First Charcuterie Board
Jaffa Cakes None of your five a day
​​​​​​​Monster Jump before you’re pushed
National Trust Get your parents out the house
Sharwoods Noodles Kinky Spaghetti
Slimming World Space is at a premium these days
Tresemme Hairdresser quality without the hairdresser small talk
Wetherspoon’s Literally no one’s out of place in a Spoons

One off ideas
Ambient idea for Jacamo, a clothes brand for tall men.
When you're served ketchup, how do you know that it's definitely Heinz? By checking the colour, pH and speed using the Heinz Sauce Certification Kit, of course.
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